Lower Abdominal Strengthening

Starting Position

Lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Pull your abdomen up and in as if you are tucking it under your ribs. Do not concentrate on pushing your back flat, but rather lengthening your torso while you pull your stomach up and in.

Phase 1

Keep your stomach pulled up and in. Slowly lift one leg and then the other. The abdomen must remain tight and do not allow it to pooch. This will ensure that the lower abdominal muscle is contracting and is strong enough to anchor the pelvis against the weight of the legs.

Phase 2

Repeat level one, but instead of placing the foot back down flat on the floor, slide one leg down and back keeping the heel of that leg on the ground the entire time. The opposite leg should remain bent position off the floor. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Phase 3

Repeat level one, but instead of sliding your leg down and back, glide your leg in the air, down and back. Be sure not to let your abdomen “pooch” or back arch while your leg is moving . The non-moving leg should remain in the flexed position elevated off the floor. Repeat on the opposite leg.