We have all had that special teacher or coach, perhaps it was a friend or parent, that we are lucky we had in our lives.

The one that saw more in us than we saw in ourselves and cared enough that they were not afraid to hold us accountable to what we said we wanted and what they knew we could do. This is the essence of Hands On Therapeutics, a true friend and partner in your rehabilitation and wellness. 


We are an entity that is independent of a larger health system and will always be independent because we want to avoid the bureaucratic burdens that siphon resources and delude purpose.  We want to keep you at the center of everything we do. 


Whether you are postsurgical or working to avoid surgery, have a simple strain/sprain, or have a complicated pain syndrome, our team of physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, and personal trainers will work with you to relieve your symptoms and get you moving forward.   We emphasize therapeutic exercise and fitness as a means of achieving long term independence from your condition, while utilizing manual therapy techniques, traditional physical therapy modalities, and massage to help control your symptoms and add momentum to achieving your performance goals. 


We believe that absolute healing is not achieved by the absence of pain but the ability of an individual to confidently return to their sport or activity and live their life better.