Modern training methods have profound effects on today’s athletes

From the high school athlete to the elite professional, we are running faster, jumping higher, hitting harder, and lifting heavier weights.  Our trainers at Hands On Therapeutics have the scientific background and the experience of working with Olympic, professional, and collegiate level athletes and know what it takes to create that extra training edge they need to be successful.  But what about the rest of us, who just want to feel better, drop some weight, stay healthy and not get injured in the process?  

Anything meaningful that one achieves starts with a deep gnawing thought or desire. At Hands On Therapeutics we know that feeling well.  It is the one that drives successful patients over difficult obstacles in their rehabilitation. It is the feeling that propels people to lose a hundred pounds, run a marathon, or to do just about anything valuable in their lives.  That motivation and drive starts within, and so does your training.

“What do you want to accomplish?” is the first question we’ll ask you.  Following a comprehensive physical evaluation of body mechanics, strength, flexibility, and current fitness levels, we will put together a plan for you to safely achieve your goals.   We will provide encouragement and hold you accountable to your said intentions, but ultimately you have to answer the question, “Are you willing to do what is takes?”


Fitness and performance training at Hands On Therapeutics is medically directed and carried out by a physical therapist-trainer. This gives our clients unequalled access to knowledge and insight into the sciences of physiology, rehabilitation, and exercise to provide safe, cutting-edge, and effective training. 

You will get to know our entire professional staff, and frequently, other staff members may be called in to watch how you walk, run, and move to help undo a faulty movement pattern or to watch for any signs of a developing problem so that it can be proactively addressed. 

Our staff massage therapists are available to work through the little tweak or residual, physiological soreness and stiffness that accompanies vigorous training to keep you on track and to hasten recovery. We also have a Hydromassage bed available to provide a relaxing, heated massage.