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Our performance training is a part of our health and movement continuum focused on building more adaptability, resiliency, and variability within your body. We recognize training as a process and it begins with you! We want to help you achieve your goals at your pace while providing you with a valuable health experience. You will be changed through our process and become a better version of yourself.


All human movement and behavior introduces stress into our system, but it is how we react to stress that defines our experience with it.  We can let it consume us, reduce our movement literacy, and hinder our quality of life or we can embrace it to improve our movement capacity and adapt and thrive within our environment.  We choose to adapt!

When training we believe there should be a strategic application of stress to create a desired adaptation and that is why we utilize a client-centric intake process and comprehensive movement assessment to identify both the needs and wants of a client to provide a valuable experience.

What We Offer:

Private Training

• We offer single sessions as well as 5, 10, 20, and 40 session packages. One hour sessions.

• This is for the person seeking 1-on-1 performance training.

• Customized monthly training programs

• Access to exercise videos

Program Development

• We offer 1 and 3 month program formats

• Includes a 2-3 hour session consisting of an individual table assessment, movement evaluation, and 1-on-1 coaching on each exercise in your program.

• Access to exercise videos

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