90% of all pain is musculoskeletal in origin and More than two-thirds has no apparent cause.  


If this occurs when we are young, we call it growing pains.  If it occurs later in life, we call it getting older.  We are too willing to accept pain or decreased abilities as a function of age.  As physical therapists, our training and all of our experience proves this belief to be false.   

These aches and pains do have an explanation. There is a reason it seems to take longer to heal now than it used to, and it’s not just because we are another year or two older. Persistent pain, recurring episodes of your “back going out”, your trick knee, an unsightly limp, an unpleasant posture, headaches, and falls are all things that we, unnecessarily, allow to linger and disrupt our life.  



Physical therapy is a profession uniquely trained in postural and movement disorders.

This gives us the ability to not only undo pain syndromes once they begin, but the ability to identify them before they start.  Simply put, we see the hitch in your running form, the awkward movement in your hip during your golf swing, that funny way you move your foot when you walk, or the way you drop your shoulder when you throw. We can design a program to correct these movement patterns before they become painful and detract from your life.  

If you are experiencing pain, dysfunction, or reduced quality of life, our training in manual therapy and multiple hands-on techniques combined with traditional physical therapy modalities, such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound, can help to eliminate your pain. However, it does not matter how skilled the therapist is with their hands, the elimination of pain does not mean that the problem is resolved.  We have to address the postural and movement dysfunction that caused your pain.  With our precise physical and movement examination, we will identify these dysfunctions and work to correct them through a combination of specific, guided movements and therapeutic exercise to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and neuromuscular control. 


Our commitment to you doesn’t end there.

We want you to feel empowered in the understanding that you know what is wrong and that you can fix it.  We want you to walk away with confidence that you know how to keep the pain from coming back as you return to your activity, sport, or everyday life.   It is common for the people we serve to take that momentum and launch into a healthier lifestyle.  It is our big picture goal for all the people we serve.  Our personal training and massage therapy services are coordinated with physical therapy and create a highly customized resource for you to take your rehabilitation to the next level to build fitness and sports specific performance. 

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