Failure and the Weight Loss Resolution

Why are you likely to fail? You should start by asking yourself what it is that you want to achieve, and what are you willing to do to reach your goal. Once you have decided what your end goal is, the next step is developing a detailed plan because a goal without a plan is just a wish. This may include a specific diet, exercise plan, lifestyle changes, etc. Once you have made a road map for yourself, you are more likely to follow through with what you set out to accomplish.

It is also important to bring your friends and family into your weight loss journey. Some fall short of their goals because they made a promise solely to themselves. When left to our own resources, we have no problem letting ourselves down. If you promise someone that you will be there for them, you are far more likely to follow through. The same idea applies to weight loss. If you profess your path to weight loss to someone else, along with specific goals and time frames, you are more likely to succeed.

The keys to a good weight loss strategy:

  • Setting achievable, realistic goals
  • Developing a specific plan
  • Being persistent
  • Holding yourself accountable for setbacks
  • Involving others