Massage therapy and all bodywork services at Hands On Therapeutics Are part of a highly integrated system of medical rehabilitation and wellness.  


Our services go beyond the short term relief more typically achieved by a spa. We offer a comprehensive therapeutic plan that utilizes massage as part of a larger program focused on our client’s long term independence from pain and the freedom to live the life they want.


Our massage therapists are trained in examination skills that surpass the normal massage therapy education.  We believe that this additional training provides better insight for “thinking hands” to deliver an effective massage, while also having the ability to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the medical and wellness team.  Homeostasis is a state of health enjoyed when our body is in balance. Disease, dysfunction, and pain are often the result of imbalances.  Our therapists will exploit a variety of techniques to provide precisely what your body requires to reduce muscle tension, enhance muscle and fascial mobility, increase circulation, boost metabolism, and enhance immunity in order to reestablish homeostasis and restore one’s innate healing capacity. 

Many of our clients work concurrently with our physician and physical therapists during their rehabilitation.  By incorporating medical massage therapy into their rehabilitation, we have found that our patients achieve more timely pain control and progress through their therapeutic program.   As we become more familiar with your body's tendencies, we can help prevent problems before they start.  This is why many people choose to continue with massage therapy as part of their wellness, or to incorporate it as part of their competitive sports or general fitness training, to accelerate recovery and help get the most out of their next workout or competition.

At Hands On Therapeutics, controlling pain and spasm through massage, correcting postural and movement disorders through physical therapy, and building your body’s strength, endurance and power through personal training are all part of the system carefully crafted to meet precisely what is needed for you to achieve your goals and the life you want in the fastest and most complete way.